Phillip Sanders: Tompkinsville Waits

  • ©, Phillip Sanders, Tompkinsville Waits


    Tompkinsville Waits

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Artist Statement:

    This piece is an electronic photo/painting: it originated as video, was digitally processed, transferred from one computer platform to another, then completely reworked and reassembled as an electronic painting using various software including Fractal Painter and Adobe Photoshop. Not one original pixel has been left standing – all have been transformed – sliced, chopped, diced and painted over. The work starts as an event in time and space, a small part of a much larger continuum, in which apparently unrelated processes and individual intentions come together and interact meaningfully in the presence of an observer who records the transaction. Much like real life and thought, the event is then disassembled into its component parts and reconstructed according to the needs and concepts of the individual as historian, partly shaping the mental structure, partly being altered by it. Finally it becomes a resonant framework, a mental construct made up of memory, ideas, physical records, and intentions. This composite is then projected back into the physical world as a starting point for new observations.


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