• ©2009, Pip Shea, ANYCAST



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    Networked installation

Artist Statement:

    ANYCAST embodies the energy of groups and their capacity to contribute their underused energy, or ‘spare cycles’ to enable others.

    Participation is democratising the media space, leaving a slew of disruptive innovation in its wake. Traditional notions of hierarchy are being questioned as we see the rise of the crowd as power broker

    ANYCAST is a participatory work that examines the emerging creative interactions enabled by networked communications technologies. It is a temporary, free, public, mesh, wifi network set up to enable a dialogue between people in the city of Belfast. The strength of the network comes from the support of individuals and organisations willing to share their unused bandwidth. The more participation, the stronger the network, the greater the creative output.

    The crowd is self organising and breeding new levels of altruism. They are designing and building new ways of doing things by extending existing systems to meet their needs and interests. ANYCAST signifies the power of the crowd and its ability to invoke large-scale action.

Technical Information:

    Development and technical assistance – Cameron Adams
    and Mark Burza, Additional thanks to Jiann Hughes


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