“Plastic Landscape – Reversible World” by Yoon Chung Han

  • ©, Yoon Chung Han, Plastic Landscape – Reversible World


    Plastic Landscape – Reversible World

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Artist Statement:

    Southern Winter Exhibitions 2023 at Hangars Numériques, May 16 – 21  then August 1 – 15 

    Video Installation. Tools: Custom algorthm for Maching Learning-based image creation, Blender

    “Plastic Landscape – The Reversible World” is an AI-generated 3D animated video design that shows the apocalyptic and surreal world surrounded by artificial plastic mixtures and objects in the ocean, urban city, Antarctica, and forest. Four different scenes are animated, with the camera panning slowly from left to right. Viewers can observe how the plastics are decomposed at a slower speed by looking at particle animations. Sound is created by the data of the decomposition of plastics. Different types of plastics and speed of decomposition determines the frequency, amplitude, and parameters of audio synthesis. This scene animation is inspired by Ilwalobongbyeong (a folding screen) behind the king’s throne of the Joseon Dynasty. This animation depicts the twist of the landscape. Surreal objects/buildings in this animation made out of plastic look beautiful and mesmerizing at first glance. However, the viewers can notice that they are the decayed objects and destroyed nature impacted by human beings. This new multi-sensory artwork addresses the awareness of plastic pollution through the apocalyptic lens.

    Concept Design, Visual Development, User Experience Design: Yoon Chung Han
    3D Animation and 3D object design: Hung-Hsuan Tsai
    Music and Sound: Soo Jung Kwak
    Machine Learning-based image creation Prof. Sung Lyun Kim, Myeong Hun Seong, Changmin Lee


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