“Promotional Video (Excerpt) (1993)” by Showscan

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    Promotional Video (Excerpt) (1993)

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    Showscan was formed in 1984 by the principals of Plitt Theatres Inc., a major motion picture exhibitor that was purchased by Cineplex Odeon Corporation in 1985. Showscan was formed for the purposes of acquiring all rights to the Showscan Film Process and using the Showscan Film Process in the production of feature-length motion pictures for exhibition in first-run cinemas. In order to acquire the rights, Showscan entered into various royalty and financing arrangements with Paramount Pictures Corporation, Future General Corporation (a subsidiary of Paramount Pictures), Mr. Douglas Trumbull (inventor of the Showscan Film Process), a Academy Award winner in 1970, and a number of other investors. The equipment and the Showscan Film Process of producing and projecting Showscan films are proprietary and patented. Showscan’s discovery was hailed as the most significant advancement in film technology since the introduction of sound in the 1929 film “The Jazz Singer”. However, it remained as little more than a technological curiosity until the company developed new camera, high speed projectors, and built special theatres to show case the revolutionary Showscan images. For twenty years, Showscan Entertainment has been an international leader in the production and exhibition of exciting movie-based entertainment attractions shown in large-screen, simulation theatres and capsule formats worldwide. The company’s simulation and specialty theatres are open or under construction in 24 countries around the world, located in theme parks, motion picture multiplexes, expos, world’s fairs, resorts, shopping centers, casinos, museums, and other tourist destinations. Showscan owns and operates its own theatres, and operates others in partnership with leading entertainment companies around the world.