“Radiances V” by Sabrina Ratté

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    Radiances V

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Artist Statement:

    Focus Québec Exhibition. Forum des Images, May 16 – 21

    Radiances V (2018) Impression – 56x100cm

    Two Prints installation
    Radiances is a formal research aimed at creating a parallel between the aesthetics of the digital image and that of traditional painting. A combination of various techniques was used, such as 3D animation, video synthesis and digital manipulations, to bring out textures which evoke, without imitating, layers of paint, brush strokes, reliefs. These paintings in motion suggest a contemplative state where landscapes evolve slowly over time, freeing the observer from a narrative and linear montage, while maintaining the temporal aspect of the video.
    Radiances IV (2018) Impression – 56x100cm
    Radiances V (2018) Impression – 56x100cm
    Prints installations are on loan from Galerie Charlot