radioqualia: Radio Astronomy: The Space Station

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    Radio Astronomy: The Space Station

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Artist Statement:

    Radio Astronomy is a collaboration between radioqualia and radio telescopes located throughout the world. Together we are creating ‘radio astronomy’ in the literal sense – a radio station devoted to broadcasting audio from our cosmos.

    Radio Astronomy will be a live station. It will also broadcast Live on-air via FM radio in selected locations around the world including Helsinki during the period of ISEA. Radio Astronomy will also be installed as a sound installation within the URSA observatory in Helsinki.

    Listeners will hear the acoustic output of radio telescopes live. The content of the transmission and sound installation will depend on the objects being observed by our partner telescopes. On any given occasion Listeners may hear the planet Jupiter and its interaction with its moons, radiation from the Sun, activity from far-off pulsars or other astronomical phenomena. If the telescopes are not making active observations when a listener tunes in or visits the installation, a broadcast will play which will feature archival data collected during past observations.


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