Raphael Lyon (Mudboy): Piece for the Dortmund Concert Hall

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    Piece for the Dortmund Concert Hall

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    Church organs that have been especially expanded and modified for electronic music are Mudboy’s trademark. The doctor of organomics, as he calls himself, places emphasis on repetition and, with elements of noise, drone and psychedelica, sends his audience into a state of trance. He will perform a newly composed piece which he wrote specifically for the organ of the Konzerthaus Dortmund.

    Fennesz, who wanders between the worlds of club culture and New Music, interweaves his typically reverberating guitar sounds with expansive electronic sound layers. A whole range of instruments will be brought into play for his concert: acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizer, electronics, computer and improvised loops. The opulent electronic compositions, which go far beyond sterile computer arrangements, are of dissonant elegance.

    1. Mudboy: organ (accompanied by: Peter Schuette)
    2. Fennesz: guitar, electronics

    In cooperation with CTM (club transmediale) Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Visual Arts Berlin. Deutschlandradio Kultur broadcasts a recording of the concert.

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