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    Sam & Gigi have been solidly producing for over four years now. They have been recognised all over the world by some of the most famous djs and producers like Roger Sanchez, Kerri Chandler, Jori Hulkkonen, H-Foundation, Ian Pooley, Dave Clarke, Lottie, and many more. Sam & Gigi continue working not only together but also with other producers and groups in various projects. Sam & Gigi’s musical history goes back more than a decade, with influences in jazz, classical, disco, and techno. This mix gives their production a unique and influential sound. Creating soulful music that can capture the moment and arousing feelings is their passion and main priority. With Sam being one of Finland’s earliest underground warehouse event promoters since 1991, his love for electronic music has been deeply imbedded within his soul.

    Sam began producing in late ’98. At the same time he met Gigi and as things started to find their place, they were in the studio together. Gigi’s background in classical music and jazz has given her excellent tools to produce house and techno not forgetting the feminine touch she gives to the production. In duo they seem to get something unique into their work which is impossible to achieve solo. They have been signing all of their tracks to high profile labels such as Ovum, Siesta, Drenched, Still, and Stickman’s sub-lable Aquarius. When Sam & Gigi perform live they are surprising in many ways. Their repertoire includes strong house and techno. They have an astonishing way to combine minimalist techno with smooth vocals. They can move people in their emotions as well as on the dance floor. Whenever you want to hear real quality live, this is the duo for you.


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