Sam Kang Li, Justin Zhuang, Serene Cheong, Wong Shu Yu: Multipli-City

  • ©, Sam Kang Li, Justin Zhuang, Serene Cheong, and Wong Shu Yu, Multipli-City



Artist(s) and People Involved:




    6 digital photographs, 420 x 594 mm

Artist Statement:

    In a country known as just ‘a little red dot’, can there be enough space for its people and their diverse needs? Multipli-City explores the duality of space-usage in Singapore, a city of just over 700 square kilometres but home to over 4.5 million. By capturing moments of a site at two different times and digitally juxtaposing them together, these photos show how human ingenuity in exploiting the time-space relationship opens up infinite possibilities in a city famous for being highly planned and regulated by the state because of the scarcity of space.

    This work in progress photo series is part of a multimedia journalism package, Reclaim Land: The fight for space in Singapore, that documents how ordinary citizens reclaim their own spaces in the city through a series of stories, photo galleries and multimedia clips.