“Saturation Point” by Shannon Bennetts

  • ©, Shannon Bennetts, Saturation Point


    Saturation Point

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Artist Statement:

    The attention spans of users has become somewhat of a commodity to platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others. Unfortunately, due to the constant bombardment of information and imagery from these sites, not only have the length of our attentions spans shortened, but many of us have become oversaturated with (and even addicted to) the easily digestible and almost comforting stream of distraction that our devices steadily provide us with. This project consists of a desktop PC running a fake YouTube browser. The browser leads participants to a single video made up of 10 overlaid videos playing simultaneous at various levels of opacity. This visual and audible bombard of faces and voices is a manifestation of the effect that this platform has on those who use it. In this way, it mirrors the effect that it has on others back onto itself. It creates a space in which nothing can be retained and focusing on any single aspect proves difficult. It is this state which I find myself in when I have overexposed myself to this sort of stimuli, and it is a state which I aim to not only portray, but hopefully also replicate in those who interact with the piece.

    Coding: Simone Beneke-Graham


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