Schawn Jasmann: The Shadow Dweller’s Gaze

  • ©, Schawn Jasmann, The Shadow Dweller’s Gaze


    The Shadow Dweller’s Gaze

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Artist Statement:

    Enter the realm of the Shadow Dweller. His dwelling has undergone transformation. His dwelling is no longer his alone and as such he is no longer in control of its future destiny. This is the realm of the Shadow Dweller. He must endeavor to execute his task as the mediator between the world from where he comes and those worlds and forces that are foreign. It is speculated hat through this mediation, within the space of the threshold, new emergent realities will materialize. The Shadow Dweller undergoes perceptual transformation in order to reconcile the narrative relationship between himself and the worlds he monitors and measures. The multivalent experience of both the known worlds and foreign worlds will transform the relationship of ‘being observed’ to that of ‘being within’. The Shadow Dweller dynamically engages the organically codified objects within the foreign and unfamiliar environments. The Shadow Dweller begins to apprehend an abstracted amalgam of familiar and foreign orders of geometry, surface, color, motion and sound. He begins to mutate and take on new characteristics of behavior. This hybridization process reveals traces of the invisible forces that are integral to his material existence and through these creates a heightened sense reality outside of any defined measure other than that of the experience Itself. The Shadow Dweller’s experiences reveal new orders of Architecture by analysing and interpreting the interrelationships between image, sound, movement, projection, interactivity and construction.


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