“Searching Darkness” by Marcus Neustetter

  • ©, Marcus Neustetter, Searching Darkness
  • ©, Marcus Neustetter, Searching Darkness
  • ©, Marcus Neustetter, Searching Darkness


    Searching Darkness

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    In a search for the dark corners of lit cities we find ourselves searching the spaces between the rigidity of the organized systems and the city grids. We
    look for the respite from the connected, surveilled and illuminated spaces in an attempt to find and celebrate darkness and silence. Part of this search is to
    experience these found spaces, attempt to capture them in image and sound, acknowledge their juxtaposition to their surrounding activity, map them onto
    the city grid and publish these findings.
    This performative workshop and performance installation is in line with a trajectory of the artist’s 10 years of light interventions and community
    engagement projects questioning the meaning of darkness and silence in the context of South Africa, across Africa and Europe. The play of darkness and light is one that is not only easily accessible to participants and audiences, but can be read as highly critical of social conditions and behavior, the power of politics and propaganda, and evidence of control and surveillance.