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Artist Statement:

    1. Binary
    Binary is a principle of separation by two and this separation already carries process of unification. Each binary opposition is penetrated into the other side through membrane and transformed into their opponent. Becoming through interpenetration …. Here/There, You/Me, East/West, Good/Bad, Reality/Virtuality and Performer/Audience…

    2. Interpenetration
    I see numerous “interactive sounds” in Korean traditional performances. “Eolssigu!”, “Ulssu!”, “Eoi”, “Jouta” … we call them “Chuimsae”, which reflect Korean live philosophy from ancient times. These words don’t have clear meanings, instead, act in confirming of existence, YouIMe. It is to blow energy into performer and simultaneously, substantiates oneself like our act in front of mirror. We confirm our existence from our opposition. I feel something transcend language and social boundary in “Chuimsae”. It is neither “yes” nor “no”. It is instinctive reflection towards the other self, arising from our subconsciousness. It shows our desire of interaction. Interaction is unique pathway to become onething with our binary opposition. Paradoxically, binary system exists to erase itself, with tremendous potentiality of transformation and metamorphosis, rather than immovable separation. In English, I also observe similar kinds of interactive sounds: “Umm-hmm!”. In fact, these sounds exist in every language with different form. I name them “Chuimsae”, quoting from Korean traditional terminology. However, people are hard to aware “Chuimsae” in their use, for the reason that it’s so natural Like air surrounding themselves.

    3. Hybrid
    I have interview with people in different culture with a Korean oral traditional story, “Hungboga”. I tell them this story, carrying Korean traditional fan. When they listen my story, they interact with me, using lots of “Chuimsae”. When my story comes to the end, I ask my interviewers to tell this story back to me. My interviewers become the performer and tell me back the story in their memory, using a Korean traditional fan by their hand. My interviewers and I exchange position between performer and audiences. I become audience and listen their story with “Chuimsae”. Story is being moved, changed, evolved and distorted. Therefore, story is kept alive …. This work is about the process of interpenetration and hybridization between the binary pairs, Herenhere, You/Me, East/West, Good/Bad, and Performer/Audience. This process blur the distinction line between and allow them to become one thing with potential energy of movements. Shamanic relationship is created between audiences and my animation on screen, through continuous interaction by “Chuimsae”.


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