Shawn Pinchbeck: Sonic Spaces

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    Sonic Spaces

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Artist Statement:


    Sonic Spaces – the kinetics of sound is a computer interactive audio installation. It translates the motion of individuals within an active space into a quadraphonic, algorithmically controlled soundscape through the use of a video camera, computer software, and loudspeakers.

    Sonic Spaces consists of a 7m X 7m area with a speaker positioned in each corner. Above the centre of the room are a video camera and three coloured spotlights. The installation allows participants a wide range of sonic and performance possibilities. The use of one’s motion as an interface allows the work to be accessible by everyone if they feel the inclination to play and explore. The closest analogy would be that it is a kind of musical instrument that is played by changing one’s spatial position in a room, and the characteristics of that motion over time.

    In some ways Sonic Spaces is a microcosm of the physical world. We move from place to place with an ever-changing sonic landscape accompanying us. Sonic Spaces is about listening to the environment around you. It attempts to sensitize individuals to this aspect of our daily life by bringing a feeling of creativity and awareness to the motions of people going about their daily tasks. Perhaps individuals who happen upon this work will slowdown for a moment to become aware of the changing soundspace around them.


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