Socially Fashioned Networks by Katherine Moriwaki

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    Socially Fashioned Networks

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Artist Statement:

    In the process of socially fashioning the works presented, situated experience in urban space and subversive uses of disruption and constraint provide an environment in which to provoke social interaction and awareness.

    Socially Fashioned Networks explores fashion as a means of altering the relationship between the individual and their environment. Through changes in the material and metaphoric significance of commonly used everyday objects, new ways of perceiving and experiencing public space can occur. The capabilities for these garments to connect, respond, or “remember and forget” give new meaning to the identity of the wearer. The understandings gleaned from these works provide insight into the value of disruptive and subversive experiences in an urban context. Each project presents a return to situated interaction, where boundary conditions surrounding everyday performative actions are -made strange” and transitory or ad-hoc connections with other individuals encourage awareness and play. Each project functions at a distinct degree of social and technological resolution, providing illustrative case studies of different communicative infrastructures.

    In the ISEA2004 Fashion Show, Moriwaki presented magnetized suits that intervene with the wearer’s movements.


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