“Space Over Time” by Tim Gruchy

  • ©1992, Tim Gruchy, Space Over Time


    Space Over Time

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    Interactive multimedia installation

Artist Statement:

    As fast as I could learn to integrate systems, they built boxes that could do it all. Hard shells with mysterious inner soft bits. Then at last interactivity, unencumbered. Now you, the interactor get to make some of the decisions at least. Puts you in the picture, literally. The passive experience of the art observer is no longer relevant. Motion and response loop endlessly through time. Space is now sensed but no less sensible.
    My art practice is of a complex multi media nature. It utilises audio and visual production and control technology in sophisticated and synaesthetic ways. It manifests as performance, installation, computer graphics and animation, slides, soundtracks, video and prints. It is the crossover and interfacing of these technologies and the ability to create new artforms that particularly interests me, along with placement of body in these contexts. To this end, interactive control over the integrated system is currently being explored.
    My conceptual concerns centre primarily in the two areas of dreams and the new technological revolution and the issues raised by it, in socio-logical, practical and moral terms.



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