“Space Time” by Karl Heinz Jeron

  • ©, Karl Heinz Jeron, Space Time
  • Photo from degruyter.com


    Space Time

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Artist Statement:

    Radio controlled clocks, custom electronics 

    With Space Time, Jeron presents a work that deals with digital synesthesia and space-time infrastructure. By making the time deviation audible, time can be experienced. Space Tme refers to several related phenomena where a clock does not run at the exact right speed compared to another clock. That is, aftersome time the clock “drifts apart” or gradually desynchronizes from the other clock. Everyday clocks such as wristwatches have finite precision. Eventually they require correction to remain accurate. The rate of drift depends onthe clock’s quality, sometimes the stability of the power source, the ambient temperature, and other subtle environmental variables. Thus the same clock can have different drift rates at different occasions. Atomic clocks are very precise and have nearly no clock drift. Even the Earth’s rotation rate has more drift and variation in drift than an atomicclock. The principle behind the atomic clock has enabled scientists to define time in terms of a fundamental physical constant, the rate at which a type of particle oscillates. Measuring these events discretely (withoutskipping an event) is what gives an atomic clock nearly zero drift.




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