“Spectral Plain” by Guillemette Legrand, Vincent Thornhill

  • ©, Guillemette Legrand and Vincent Thornhill, Spectral Plain


    Spectral Plain

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    Juried artwork. Exhibition ‘AI, Kombucha, and Cyberfeminism’ at École des Arts Décoratifs, May 16 – 21

    Spectral Plain is an interactive game-installation, exploring the capacity for AI and randomized technologies to foster forms of co-creation in- and between humans.

    In collaboration with Isaac Clarke, Zach Furniss, Mārcis Lapiņš, Filip Setmanuk, and Jim Zweerts. Supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL, V2_Lab for the Unstable Media (NL) and Stimuleringsfonds and Cultuur Eindhoven (NL).


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