“*.*++ (Star dot star plus plus)” by Steve Kenny

  • ©, Steve Kenny, *.*++ (Star dot star plus plus)
  • Photo from zeitgeistnewmusic.org, accessed in 2024


    *.*++ (Star dot star plus plus)

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    World Premiere, Composition by Steve Kenny

    *.*++ (star dot star plus plus) (Kenny) is a work for any number of composer and perfor111ers using a network of computers • g NEXTSTEP and video projection. Tonight’s performance will feature four performers and five NeXT Computers. The computers function to display real-time score material.

    The score is represented by a large window within each computer’s screen where two types of graphical notatiop. wil be displayed and projected for audience view. The graphical notaions are dynamically created and controlled by participants that are acting as composers, and are interpreted by participants that are acting as perforrners. Ideally, the musicians use acoustic instruments to musically render the dynamic graphical score.

    Real-time animations are controlled and created at perforrtiance time by the composers. The animations can be used like a traditional conductor baton to give exact tempo and stylistic gestures, or they can invoke pre-set responses as an abstract free visual form of directing improvisation.

    Heather Barringer & Jay Johnson, percussion
    Tom Linker, piano
    Robert Samarotto, woodwinds


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