Stewart Dickson: Complex Varieties of Fermat’s Final Theorum, n=3

  • ©, Stewart Dickson, Complex Varieties of Fermat’s Final Theorum, n=3


    Complex Varieties of Fermat’s Final Theorum, n=3

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Artist Statement:

    Humans use tools to extend the range of our senses and our physical selves. The digital computer is a radically novel tool in the history of human kind. Never before have we known such a tool with which we can explore the structure of our understanding of ourselves and our universe.

    The computer, as a creative device, is an expressive conduit of our profound internal being. The image is a loaded visual presentation which stirs the senses and touches the emotions and soul of the viewer. The viewer senses the sculpture’s presence in their personal space by comparison to their own physicality. I state the image I make to the computer and to other people in concise language, invented by humans to convey abstract concepts.

    The terms of computer art consist of nothing less than the immutable absolutes that form the struc-ture of the universe. In as much as we are products and part of our universe, we have the potential to use this extension of ourselves to treat every aspect of our physical and abstract existence. I see this as a source of great social benefit and cultural change.