“Still Life (Tornadoes) & Still Life (Swell)” by Marina Núñez

  • ©, Marina Núñez, Still Life (Tornadoes) & Still Life (Swell)


    Still Life (Tornadoes) & Still Life (Swell)

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Artist Statement:

    The works Still Life (Tornadoes) and Still Life (Swell) (2021) are a reformulation of the Neo-Barroc Still Life genre in several videos, allegorizing both the questions related to human existence and its relationship with Nature. Their pictorial tonality is very sophisticated, offering a fascinating hyper-reality approach that presents the viewer with specific details such as the movement of a piece of cloth or the spilling of liquid from a glass due to an inexplicable turbulence. Drama and beauty are intertwined in these works that explain this artist’s maturity.


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