: Submarine

  • ©, Sandra Budd, Submarine



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Artist Statement:

    Submarine is an interactive installation which simulates circumstances similar to a navigating submarine operating under water. The installation questions how much human perception and psychology is altered within a controlled sensory-stimulated technological environment. This piece is designed for three participants who must work cooperatively within an enclosed, capsule-like room. Each person is isolated to a specific work station. One person is reliant on information he/she views through a periscope. This person becomes the navigating eyes of the submarine. The periscope can be maneuvered within the aquatic environment with a joystick controller. The second person receives only audio information coming from the aquatic environment. The periscope is equipped with a microphone that picks up various sound-emitting objects within the water. The third person is stationed in front of a grid, which gives a satellite view of both the submarine’s location and some of the unknown objects within the aquatic environment while they decipher exactly what they are perceiving. Each participant is intimately dependent on the others’ specialized sensory information. The goal for these participants is to reach their final destination with good judgment, as they will be faced with both threatening and nonthreatening obstacles that they must decide to destroy or plan to avoid.


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