“Supply Chain (Chaîne logistique)” by Oli Sorenson

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    Supply Chain (Chaîne logistique)

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Artist Statement:

    Focus Québec Exhibition. Forum des Images, May 16 – 21

    Video installation

    Oli Sorenson presents Chaîne logistique, a sequence of animations composed of simple geometric shapes in extremely vivid colors. Created in a hybrid style, this video recalls the square layout of Instagram, the pixelated landscapes of Minecraft as much as the works of american painter Peter Halley. Sorenson’s images thus feature a multitude of scenes, both abstract and figurative, to illustrate the ubiquity of networks that exert controls over our social relationships. Among these fiber optic matrices that feed the global digital economy, the artist tries to interweave other networks of roads, shipping lanes, pipelines, electrical cables and sewers, as well as the atmosphere saturated with WiFi and Bluetooth signals, in addition to carbon polluants and pesticides. These conduits and many others contribute to an acceleration of consumption flows at the heart of contemporary societies, particularly through the rapid obsolescence of technological devices, and other sectors of human activity which are accumulating on ever-increasing areas of land and sea, to the point of causing urgent ecological repercussions.


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  • 2023 Sorenson Supply Chain (Chaîne logistique)
  • 2023 Sorenson Supply Chain (Chaîne logistique)
  • 2023 Sorenson Supply Chain (Chaîne logistique)
  • 2023 Sorenson Supply Chain (Chaîne logistique)



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