Suzanne Reizlein: Untitled

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Artist Statement:

    The installation shows projections of faces, faces which vary in their expressions. The faces are layered images, to a certain degree distorted, which gives them an eeriness and mysteriousness. A mirror is suspended from the ceiling in front of each of the two slide projectors. Depending on the air circulation in the room the mirrors turn and with this the reflections of the images move along the walls around the room. The speed of the turning varies, speeds up, slows down or changes the direction. In this sense there is a very subtle interactivity between the viewer and the movement of the image. When the viewer moves in the space, the air moves and the mirrors turn. Since there are two projectors, two images revolve around the room in different speeds on the same level. Sometimes they come closer or further away from each other, sometimes one overtakes the other or slows down to overlap. There is a certain suspense in this process, when watching the formal relationships which suggest interpersonal relationships shift and spin around the room. It questions the relationships of the displayed people towards each other and the involvement of the viewer towards these people. The images change and their duration varies between two to ten minutes. In this installation, opposed to my previous installation One (see other proposal), the viewer influences the piece but cannot control it.


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