“SYN” by Mariano Leotta

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Artist Statement:

    SYN is an interactive installation activated by Internet data exchange. This acrylic artificial nervous system uses video mapping technology and social networking to function as a postmodern social brain. With a simple tweet, a participant initiates an audiovisual performance by activating the sculpture with a mobile device, simulating the activity of a central nervous system.
    SYN is a synchronization request packet on the Internet.
    SYN means “together” in ancient greek.
    SYN is the synapsis.
    Through the synapses a neuron exchanges informations with other neurons within a neural network managed by the brain.
    SYN installation represents an artificial neural system with a constant exchange of electrical inpulses. The constant exchange of electrical impulses is realised using QuartzComposer to set a precise videomapping activated by topic related tweets on Twitter and audience web-interaction. Using a mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop), anybody can send a spark, a creative contribution from the festival location or all over the city. Each spark will activate the installation and can be visualized on the dedicated app. Moreover, the videomapping can be realized as well within an audiovisual live performance. Video: ARlab | SYN [2011]
    Art Direction/IxD: Mariano Leotta
    Set Design: Marta Nardi
    Sound: Kaeba (Plaster) myspace.com/kaebasound
    Visuals: Aikia alessandraleone.com & Born Holmer
    Production: artereazione.org + Consonant



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