“Living Viral Tattoos (2008)” by Tagny Duff

  • ©, Tagny Duff, Living Viral Tattoos (2008)


    Living Viral Tattoos (2008)

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Artist Statement:

    Inert biological material, glass jars.

    When we humans walk in a city, run through the halls of a busy airport, roll through a bus terminal or a train station, we are traveling through not only streets, hallways and stairs, but through microbes. The series of sculptures are made of human and pig skin and biological synthetic virus called Lentivirus, a derivative of HIV strain 1, so that transfection and contagion would occur at the cellular level. The virus, cells and tissue are inert now and the biomaterial reveals areas of bluish brownish stains.

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  • 2013 Duff Living Viral Tattoos
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