Tamar Schori: e.mia.me’

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Artist Statement:

    On the literal verge of a mediated place you have the ability to control the happenings. Your presence and actions are the altering force that actually influences a magnetic substance that is placed elsewhere. The ferrofluid and its beautiful curves and slopes serve as a terrain and substrate that lures you to inspect it further. While you do that you trigger an additional source of artificial images that serve as your visual extension. These “messengers” are launched onto the video projection surface. The result of a meeting between these visual extensions is felt underneath your feet as sections of the platform vibrate. The installation lays the condition for a group behavior where people discover the way to control the pace of the happening and the level of vibration they are exposed to. (Level of contact) The flow of the ferrofluid with its unique properties as a stable liquid that responds to a magnetic Held is put in the center of e.mia.me’ to emphasize the aesthetics of circular change. All parts of the installation, including the participants, echo each other. Particles of magnetite behave according to a magnetic field. Units of artificial animation behave according to rules of flow, attraction and repel. People affected by vibrations are choosing to stay or to move away. A mutual dance of elements creates a machine of perpetual circular change focusing on attraction and repels dynamic behaviour and rest.


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