Tamara Stone: Are You Afraid of Dogs

  • ©, Tamara Stone, Are You Afraid of Dogs


    Are You Afraid of Dogs

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Artist Statement:

    A white shelf six feet in length hangs from the wall about five feet from the floor. Fluorescent light shines up from the shelf through the eleven plastic mechanical animals atop it. The shelf is equipped with a motion sensor. When the sensor is triggered it sets off a pseudorandom program, which ensures that the animals will respond in a different order every time. One animal will go on, then another and another until almost all of the creatures are barking and straining at their wires. At the end of the short time cycle, the critters stop simultaneously. The animals are store bought, originally battery operated and furry. They have been stripped down to their plastic skeletons and wired to accept AC power and signals from a “basic stamp” microcontroller.


    Supported by the Canada Council.


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