Tamás Waliczky: The Fisherman and his wife

  • ©1999, , The Fisherman and his wife

Filmmaker, Video Artist, or Animator(s):


    The Fisherman and his wife



Creation Year:




Artist Statement:

    An old German folktale which crosses shadow theatre with animation of computer generated images. 2-D Computer Animation, Wallada Bioscop Ltd, Hongary.

    Animation: Tamás Waliczky and Tsuyoshi Fuyama
    Narrator: Manfred “Derek” Hauffen
    Harpsichord music performed by: Angelika Csizmadia
    Musical director: János Mácsai
    Sound enginers: Károly Horváth and Gusztáv Bárány
    Edited by: Tamás Waliczky and Anna Szepesi
    Directed by: Tamás Waliczky
    Concept: Tamás Waliczky and Anna Szepesi


    Special thanks to: Itsuo Sakane, György Pálos, András Kárpáti, Jeffrey Shaw, Christina Zartmann, Astrid Sommer, László Márton, Masahiro Miwa, Shiro Yamamoto, Péter Kárpáti, Gulliver Tábor, Heike Staff, Tomomi Inagaki, Silke Sutter

Other Information:

    Produced by IAMAS, International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, Ogaki, Japan
    in collaboration with Wallada Bioscop Ltd., Budapest, Hungary and ZKM, Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany