Tanja Vujinovic: Supermono 2/3

  • ©2008, Tanja Vujinovic, Supermono 2/3


    Supermono 2/3

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    Installation: objects, electronics, sound, video

Artist Statement:

    Supermono 2/3 is a tactile and sonic environment. It consists of a multitude of objects incorporating custom electronic or mechanical components. They embody the features of contemporary toys by means of simplified cute shapes, close personal contact with users, and the construction of micro-worlds through modularity and limited, mostly sound-based responsiveness.

    The setup consists of three groups of objects. Two objects from the first group have interconnected components that enable the transformation of sound and video signals. In second segment, contact microphones or devices for the production of minimalistic sounds are placed within a number of smaller objects that react to touch, and produce various sounds that after being amplified and modulated are returned to the space, to join the sound generated from the synthetic sources. The sound is reproduced through the objects from the third group, where microphones are placed within amorphous bodies, which each reproduces a mono signal.

    Supermono 2/3 belongs to the ongoing cycle of works Discrete Events in Noisy Domains, consisting of tactile-sonic objects or ambients based on multiple nonlinear video and sound systems that recode events into audio-visual noisy data streams

Technical Information:

    Production: Zavod Exstat and Društvo B-51(Ex-ponto); Producers: Jan
    A. Kušej; Documentation photographers: Suncan Stone, Jan Kusej, Nada
    Zgank, Miha Fras


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