“Activist Apparel” by Tega Brain, Gavin Sade

  • ©, Tega Brain and Gavin Sade, Activist Apparel
  • Image from City Data Slam report pdf


    Activist Apparel

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Artist Statement:

    Activist Apparel launches a standout Autumn/Winter ‘13 collection at the City Data Slam. Presenting a range of speculative garments, the collection engages with future urban data streams, presenting them on a variety of different wearable platforms. This exciting new range proposes ways that information can be geolocated and displayed in public space by concerned citizens. The collection considers ways to develop a more nuanced and collective understanding of predicted changes to our urban environments.
    Activist Hosiery shows the height of predicted sea level change in year 2100 at your location in the city assuming a business as usual approach to carbon emissions. Wearable LEDs light up along the leg to show predicted changes to our shorelines. Based on the same assumptions the Activst Brooch conveys this information by gripping the wearer tightly every time they cross the edge of this future shoreline.
    The Activist Umbrella changes colour to indicate the energy footprint of the buildings in its vicinity. It enables the curious wearer to assess the energy footprints of different buildings and streets in their locality. Finally, the Activist Socks give future urban heat island predictions based on the colour of embedded wearable LEDs. This season data is the new black. In stores soon.

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