“Telemat” by Scot Art, Jason Gee

  • ©, Scot Art and Jason Gee, Telemat



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Artist Statement:

    An interactive telematic terminal operated by Scot Art, Jason Gee and System X, Telemat is a guided tour of the virtual terrain of the global network. The visitor is taken through a dataspace which has no physical walls, and may well encompass the world, or may lie in some other direction. The dataspace has been interactively ‘designed’ from the ground up by a small group of artists over the preceding two years. The interaction has been via System-X, a Sydney-based telecommunications system for artists working in the electronic domain.

    Telemat provides interaction via a store-and-forward mechanism between visitors, System-X artists and denizens of the global net. It also incorporates a display terminal for image and sound from the virtual gallery, a System-X project that allows visual and sonic artists to share work and collaborate via the system. Telemat, like System-X seeks to originate critical thought about the nature of information storage and control, data networks, and how art might be practised in this media. Above all, it seeks to provide a context for participants, local and telematic, to provide their own content.


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