Teruyoshi Kamiya: Dance of Stone

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    Dance of Stone

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    Author’s note
    Among the reasons that have led me to feel interested In the distinct music of the remotest past, is a story narrated in the historical memoirs of Sima Qian, concerning the musician Kui in the reign of the legendary Emperor Shun in a dynasty for which there is not yet any archaeological evidence but o f which no Chinese person doubts its existence, myself amongst them. In those far off times of profound silence and darkness, the musician Kui struck and tapped the stones with his fist. When I hear sound around me, I cannot help but think that in some form, these sounds are connected to that first blow.

    Technical details
    Dance of Stone was created at the PHONOS Foundation (Spain). All the sound was generated on a Macintosh 7100 with Common Usp Music and Common Music by Bill Schottstaedt (Stanford University) and Rick Taube (University of Illinois) respectively. The work received 1st prize in the Music for Dance genre in the 26th Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition 1999.


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