“The Baltic Sea Tour” by MS STUBNITZ

  • ©, MS STUBNITZ, The Baltic Sea Tour
  • ©, MS STUBNITZ, The Baltic Sea Tour


    The Baltic Sea Tour

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    MS Stubnitz, a former deep-sea fishing trawler, was restaured during 1993 into a mobile forum for the arts. The ship has been equipped with a spatial and technical infrastructure for cultural production, studios for design and new media. Under the patronage of the Council of Europe and the Lord mayor of the City of Rostock, the ship launched cultural projects in Germany in 1993.

    1994 is the year of MS Stubnitz’ Baltic Tour. From July to September, the ship cruises the Baltic Sea, providing cultural platforms for different events: St. Petersburg International Forum, Malmo Baltic Jubilee, ISEA’94 Helsinki and Hamburg. During the Baltic Tour, a cultural contact forum for the Baltic countries will be founded. The ship will activate cooperation between the cultural interest groups of the Baltic countries by organizing Contact Media workshops during the tour.

    In ISEA’94 Helsinki, MS Stubnitz will present works from the Baltic Tour’94. The show of permanent works and artist-inresidence projects will be completed with works by Baltic artists from St. Petersburg, Malmo and Helsinki. The main focus of the Baltic Tour works is on ecology and environment.

Other Information:

    Permanent works / Artist-in-residence
    projects / Works from the Baltic countries

    Nicolas Anatol Baginsky (Germany) Surviva 07, A-life installation
    Daniela Plewe, Horst Schulte (Germany) View Point Run, interactive computer installation
    Tassilo Blittersdorff (Austria) Seekarten – Sehkarten, installation
    Reiner Görss (Germany) Open and closed System / The Decision, installation
    Peter Dittmer (Germany) The Midwife 2, Wet Nurse
    Udo Wid (Austria) What do ELFes Sing? Extreme low frequency project
    Niels Bonde (Denmark) Market Theory for Beginners
    Ulrike Gabriel (Germany) Work in progress
    Art-Pilot Centre (St.Petersburg) Biopolitics
    Tommi Grönlund (Finland)
    ULTRA 3 (Finland)


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