“The Many Faces of Bob” by Claire Dongo

  • ©, Claire Dongo, The Many Faces of Bob
  • ©, Claire Dongo, The Many Faces of Bob


    The Many Faces of Bob

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Artist Statement:

    This piece highlights the social commentary on the political life of Robert Mugabe – an international icon (of sorts) – from Hero to Villain. This is showcased in the various different portraits that embody the many faces he carried in the different parts of his political life (himself, the people around him (such as his family, his allies) & the socio-economic effects of his political decisions). The portraits will be animated, made up of a collage of still images and videos, his journey is so rich in great visuals. This will be further complimented by short sound bites of his speeches and instrumental music that defined the different eras so to speak, such as the political jingles. I have divided his political life into 4 main sections: from the 1960s-80s he was the man of the people, the ultimate hero; in the 90s he was the true darling son of the West, who was slowly starting to rebel; from 2000 to 2016 he was the villain that people didn’t see coming and he became the man who completely sucked the life out of the “Breadbasket of Africa”; & 2017, where he was the ultimate villain and dictator who everyone gravely disliked.



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