“The Misty Way” by Ana Rewakowicz, Camille Duprat, Jean-Marc Chomaz

  • ©, Ana Rewakowicz, Camille Duprat, and Jean Marc Chomaz, The Misty Way
  • ©, Ana Rewakowicz, Camille Duprat, and Jean Marc Chomaz, The Misty Way


    The Misty Way

Artist(s) and People Involved:




Artist Statement:

    The Misty Way installation enacts three main elements involved in fog collection: moisture (small, condensed water droplets), wind and a harvesting substrate. In this piece, fog filmed with a high magnification camera turns each water droplet into a visible circle oscillating to its own rhythm, metamorphosizing it into a light drop collected by a textile net made from parallel threads. One hundred and twenty kilometer of thread walked, stretched and placed one by one in the interstices of threaded rods, create an inclined surface covering the entire ceiling of the room. The light drops move along and through the screen nets of flexible parallel fibers scatter on the floor covered in dark carpet. A fog of light, shadows and sound – a reconstruction of stitched noises recorded by Dutch/Swiss composer Daniel Schorno during lab experiments – splashes the visitor. A dis/orienting experience performs an intimate encounter with water – a stranger within us that passes through every cell in our bodies and invites us to enact an ethical response-ability to bring forward justice in what it means to live responsibly ‘together/apart’ with all sentience (human, non-human and inhuman) on this planet and in the cosmos, with water.