“The Only Thing We Share is the Past” by Hiram Wong

  • ©2016, , The Only Thing We Share is the Past
  • Photo from hiramwong.com


    The Only Thing We Share is the Past

Artist(s) and People Involved:

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    Light, Smoke, Web Camera and Live Video


    Dimensions Variable. Each Module (2): 300 x 275 x 190 cm

Artist Statement:

    The project involves building a virtual tunnel between Wuhan and Hong Kong. The interactive installation will serve not only as a vehicle for communication between the viewers of the two locations, but also render a temporal environment connecting the spaces through the use of light as material. A video feedback loop between the two exhibition areas, and in reverse, causes a tunneling effect where infinitely multiplied images of both cells are strung together to simulate a tunnel connecting Hong Kong and Wuhan. The effects of the light installation on the viewers are in effect multiplied into this augmented reality. Given the latency that is imperative in the livestream, the instances created by the viewers of both cells are stretched out into a receding architectural passage of an incresasingly distant past. The artwork not only discourses at great lengths on the relationship between human and technology, but also our interpersonal relationships with one another, through different spatial realities, media and methods.