“The Gynoid’s Guide to Continuous Service” by Elena Knox

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  • Photo from elenaknox.com


    The Gynoid’s Guide to Continuous Service

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Artist Statement:

    Begun in residence at K11 Art Village, Wuhan, the body of work The Gynoid’s Guide to Continuous Service surveys the scene in the not-so-distant future when hyper-real fembots are integrated, in service mode, into existing patriarchal fabrics and socio-industrial complexes. It imagines what ‘life’ is like for the gynoid, and presents a manual for ‘her’ professional performance.

    The object series Gynoid Survival Kit prototypes jewellery and accessories, worn by the gynoid, that work to ensure both her personal safety and her continuous operation. They could be called ‘analogue hacks’ for robots, or wearables for machines.