The River is Everywhere at Once by Mark Cypher

  • ©, Mark Cypher, The River is Everywhere at Once


    The River is Everywhere at Once

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Artist Statement:

    The Twitter, tweet refers to a point in time that takes on new form and meaning when viewed in different contexts. When seen in this way, a tweet contributes to an expanded sense of place as one that is a composite of space and time, network and process; or in Michel Serres’s terms a topology. The emergence of new topologies and their connotations in a tweet’s re-translation in new contexts is revealed in the asynchronous, overlapping and cyclical flow of our connections in different networks. The net-art work “The river is everywhere at once” references how tweets move us to a point in time that is quickly made composite, ambiguous and unanticipated through the ever-changing nature of our relations in a network.


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