Thomas Köner, Asmus Tietchens: Kontakt der Jünglinge

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    Kontakt der Jünglinge

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    A tribute to Karlheinz Stockhausen. Part of the Opening of the Dortmund ISEA2010 Programme, Konzerthaus Dortmund.

    Kontakt der Jünglinge is a collaboration between German sound artists Asmus Tietchens and Thomas Köner. It joins two generations of artists dedicated to uncompromisingly inventive electronic sound. Kontakt der Jünglinge is named as a tribute to works by Karlheinz Stockhausen: Gesang der Jünglinge, as one of the touchstones in the history of electronic music and Kontakte, as a paradigmatic example of music that broadens the perspectives of sound.

    This hommage shows their adherence to a long tradition of electronic music in Germany. Just as one can describe the creative path of electronic music as transcendent evolution that is guided by its inherent need to overcome horizons that once have been attained, the concerts of Kontakt der Jünglinge always present intuitive and personal explorations of sonic material that result in unexpected and exciting modern music.

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