: Time Travel

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    Time Travel

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Artist Statement:

    Performed by Cathy Kuehn, alto flute, and Gary Schulte, violin.

    Time Travel is a music composition for alto flute, violin, digital sampler, and sound effects processors. The alto flute provides the musical material that propels the work, employing a variety of brief motives and sounds that are highly suggestive of a timeless quality.The violin develops the flute’s material, providing a contrast in both sonic quality and style. Sound from the instruments are recorded both prior and during performance onto a digital sampler, and is transformed into multi-dimensional sound environments. The work incorporates a combination of notated and improvised content, blending the consistency of prescribed material with the vibrancy of improvisational and indeter-minate elements. Candy Kuehn performs the alto flute, and the violin is played by Gary Schulte. Craig Harris performs the EDI digital sampler and sound processing.


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