Timm Ringewaldt: VJ Set including: ISEA’s Ten Year Celebration

  • ©, , VJ Set including: ISEA’s Ten Year Celebration


    VJ Set including: ISEA’s Ten Year Celebration

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Artist Statement:

    All over the world clubs are being designed to focus on the emphatic experience: The defining limits of a product, the frontiers of rational control, and, in general, the limitations of the body and of the space must be crossed. The interactive installations of Timm Ringewaldt and his works as a VJ are dealing with the wishes of clubbers to experience the night emphatically. As a reflection of medialised society they confront them with the overwhelming presence of visual codes expecting them to recognise fragments of movies, signs and scenes of daily life, even if they are being resampled according to the rhythm of the night.

Other Information:

    ISEA2000 is the tenth ISEA symposium.
    The Inter-Soeciety for the Electronic Arts exists 10 years.
    Session in co-operation with The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts.


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