Timo Kahlen: Media Dirt

  • ©2004, Timo Kahlen, Media Dirt


    Media Dirt

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    Sound sculpture

Artist Statement:

    For 15 years, Timo Kahlen has investigated “immaterial” phenomena in numerous wind installations, sound pieces and experimental media works. His most recent sound sculpture, Media Dirt (2004), will be created especially for exhibition in Kiasma.

    Media Dirt consists of three glass cylinders (approx. 152 cm high), several loudspeakers (on the floor inside the cylinders) and the gurgling, whispering, hissing, singing, “dirty” sound of radio interference – the nomadic, temporary, immaterial noise and beauty found in-between radio stations. The radio interference – constant radiation that occupies the apparently ’empty’ air that surrounds us all the time – creates a complex, artificial, purely technological but seemingly-natural setting-with references to insects whirring through the air, to birds singing. In this way, the glass cylinders become the laboratory for a reconstruction, a new abstract form of ‘nature’” -Werner Ennokeit


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