Todd Ingalls, Francesca Samsel, Ruth West, William Wilson, Adrianne Wortzel: Scientists/Artists Research Collaborations (SARC)

  • ©, Todd Ingalls, Francesca Samsel, Ruth West, William Wilson, and Adrianne Wortzel, Scientists/Artists Research Collaborations (SARC)


    Scientists/Artists Research Collaborations (SARC)

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Artist Statement:

    Fundamental to the Scientists/Artists Research Collaborations (SARC) is the precept that science-art collaborations should be of mutual benefit to the furtherance of both the arts and the sciences, and to their positive implications for society. SARC is initiating a pilot series of professional artists’ collaborations with Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories research teams. Santa Fe Institute (SFI) has invited the artists and Lab collaborators for working group presentations, discussions and interactions with SFI scientists. The Bradbury Museum, and other partners are providing public presentation and discussion opportunities. Additional artists and scientists are being invited to be part of an expanding SARC Pool. The start-up projects and interactions resulting from these inaugural SARC collaborations pave the way for an ongoing program that is planned to result in new research, exhibitions, and publications. SARC has been initiated in partnership with 516 ARTS for ISEA2012, and is currently funded in part by Los Alamos National Labs/New Mexico Consortium, and Sandia National  Laboratories/Lockheed Martin Foundation.