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    “world-mix_nagoya” is planned as A thirty-minute, interactive radio and internet performance broadcast. The broadcast will consist of a live mix of indigenous audio fossils collected from around the world and locally from the host city where the broadcast takes place-in this case the host city will be Nagoya. The timeline of the mix will move out gradually from the local to the global to inter galactic space, thereby creating an alternative history of our shared sonosphere here on planet earth and the universe. “world-mix_nagoyan will utilize the new hybrid forms of radio that are now developing between traditional forms of broadcast radio and internet radio. Unlike the traditional one-way model of broadcast radio, which involves a single transmitter transmitting to many receivers, our proposed radio/internet station would operate on the principle of many transmitters and many receivers transmitting and receiving in “real time” simultaneously on multiple radio frequencies and on the internet. This two-way model of broadcasting would “abandon the borders of territory” and potentially create a more democratic, less corporate space and time for cultural and artistic audio activity around the globe. Tony Allard (FOSSIL MEDIA) and Dwight Frizzell (Wabi Media), began the WORLDmix project in 1992 and have presented nine broadcasts to date. Each new performance of the WORLDmix project is mixed live with recordings of all previous WORLDmixes, thus creating a generative and evolving audio history of our shared sonosphere. For ISEA2002 in Nagoya, Allard and Frizzell will set up a temporary radio/internet station from which to broadcast the live mix over FM radio, the internet and all other forms of broadcasting audio that are available at the time of the performance. The performance will take place at the site of the ISEA conference and will involve several collaborators (VIA the Internet, radio and telephone) from around the world who are currently working in radio and streaming audio in real time. In addition, participants at the show and anyone capable of generating audio from their computer on the internet could collaborate in “world-mix-nagoya”. The two most recent WORLDmix broadcasts: “WORLDmixMONTREAL”, Montreal, Canada in 1997, in collaboration with the 3rd Manifestation, an electronic arts event hosted by Champ Libre in Montreal; and “WORLDmixLA” in Los Angeles, California in 2001, broadcast at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in Los Angeles as part of the Art in Motion festival hosted by the University of Southern California.


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