“Topography of Movement, 2016” by Ruth Schnell

  • ©, Ruth Schnell, Topography of Movement, 2016
  • ©, Ruth Schnell, Topography of Movement, 2016
  • ©, Ruth Schnell, Topography of Movement, 2016


    Topography of Movement, 2016

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Computer-controlled mirror, media player, 2 projections, 2 videos, speakers

Artist Statement:

    The dynamic image projection Topography of Movement features two oversized hands in motion. They seem to be feeling out their environment, gliding or swiping over the surface upon which they rest. The two cropped projections cover the walls and parts of the floor and ceiling in the exhibition space. A projection mirror further enhances the dynamic depending on how the movement patterns of the hand and the mirror coincide.

    The projection of a left and right hand suggests an (absent) body. Even though a subjective observer position is made impossible by the high magnification of the image content, the events are spatialised through the authenticity of the movements and the corresponding sounds, which were made in the process of recording, leading to a sensory experience of space.

Other Information:

    Assistance: Patricia Köstring
    Assistance camera: Azalea Ortega, Nikita Zhukovskiy
    Postproduction: Alexandre St-Onge
    Performers (hand-acting): Marie-Claude Poulin, Nikita Zhukovskiy