“Trash Dwellers” by Marija Avramovic, Sam Twidale

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    Trash Dwellers

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  • Artist Statement:

      Exhibition. Grand Palais Ephémère, June 23 – 25

      The installative corpus Trash Dwellers is comprised of a series of sculptures, sound and interactive real-time animations. The installation uses the language of sci-fi and speculative fiction to portray a new archaic community of Dwellers in an ecosphere of junk. Born of Trash, a real-time, interactive piece, is a search for the divine in the detritus: visitors join the protagonists of a new speculative tale aiming at provoking a positive reimagining, or (re)building, of our collective future. Part of this narration are also all the other elements of the installation: a VR immersive experience and a series of moist, trashy sculptural artefacts from the otherwordly reality.