“Trim to Fit” by Julie Myers

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    Trim to Fit

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Artist Statement:

    Body and fashion images have altered tremendously over the past forty years, changing in accordance to evolving perceptions of women’s place in society. “Trim to Fit” is a light-hearted computer animation, using influential female icons of the decades to highlight the lengths women will go to in order to be “beautiful”.

    “Trim to Fit” was made using a Commodore Amiga computer, utilizing Deluxe Paint IV, a graphics package which suited the spontaneous, colorful, ‘cut-out’ style of the work. The soundtrack, compiled by Dave Goulding, complemented the pictorial montage by using eclectic music samples from the 50’s to present day. The project was originally created as a site-specific piece, and is currently available for video-wall installation. Facilities and funding for this project came from London Video Access and the Arts Council of Great Britain.


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