Troika Ranch: 16[R]evolutions

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Artist Statement:

    About 16[R]evolution:
    “As with all of our recent works, 16[R]evolutions began with a single word: evolution. Our original notion was to trace an evolutionary path from a single cell to our current state. But as our research continued, we began to focus simply on the polarity between two states of being: animal and intellectual. The animal being appears brutal in its survival tactics, but maintains a pure and heightened awareness of its surroundings. ïhe intellectual being has repressed the wild animal drives to allow social order, often to the point of abject disconnection. But, the need to reconnect with our animal instincts is in us (as evidenced perhaps by the popularity of reality television programs that provide a banal simulation of the evolutionary path toward dominance.) ln the end, 16[R]evolutions is our personal reflection on the positive and negative aspects of our animal/intellectual selves”. _Mark Coniglio, Artistic Director, Troika Ranch

    1. Music: Mark Coniglio
    2. Video: Mark Coniglio with Dawn Stoppiello
    3. Lighting Design: Susan Hamburger
    4. Set Design: Joel Sherry
    5. Costumes: Dawn Stoppiello
    6. Dramaturgy: Peter Salis
    7. Performed by: Johanna Lelry, Daniel Suominen, Lucia Tong and Ben Wegman
    8. Choreography: Dawn Stoppiello, in collaboration with the performers

Technical Information:

    Real-time motion tracking allows the dancers to interactively manipulate the digital media as they perform 16 [R]evolutions. The tracking system is a low-tech version of the motion capture technology used for Hollywood movies. Using a single camera pointed at the stage, free software called EyesWeb creates a twelve-point ‘skeleton’ that fllows the silhouette of the dancer’s bodies. The position and trajectory of each point is passed to Isadora, the real-time media manipulation software designed by Artistic Director Mark Coniglio. Isadora generates the visuals and manipulates aspects of the sonic score by interpreting the movements of the skeleton, allowing an intimate linkage between performer and media.

Process Information:

    Sound Credits:
    In the evolutionary spirit of this work the music in 16 [R]evolutions was built, in part, from numerous sound samples gathered from the Internet. Several of these were placed under a Creative Commons license, an important new way for creators from all métiers to indicate how others may use their works. For more information on Creative Commons, visit

    16 [R]evolutions Open Source:
    So that the evolution of the materials in this work may continue, dance phrases and sound samples created for this work will be made available under a Creative Commons license starting in September 2006.


    The creation of this work was supported through an international partnership with essexdance, the specialist dance development agency working with dance and digital media (ttK), the lnternational Workshop Festival (UK), Forum Neues Musiktheater (Germany) and 3LD Art and Tech Centre (USA) with financial support from Arts Council England, East (UK), Chelmsford Borough Council (UK), the Jerome Foundation, DTW ARM Fellowship Program, and friends of Troika Ranch.
    This performance is supported by Arts Council England, East (UK) through the Escalator International Program and Office of Cultural Affairs, City of San Jose. With special thanks to the San Jose Repertory Theater.

Other Information:

    16[R]evolutions was created and developed through an international residency, organized by essexdance, the specialist dance development agency working with dance and digital media in the United Kingdom, and is supported in being presented at ISEA by Arts Council England East and Office of Cultural Affairs in San Jose. The creation of 16[R]evolutions was also supported by the Forum Neues Musiktheater in Stuttgart, Germany.


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