Turbidity Paintings by Thomas Asmuth, Sara Gevurtz

  • ©, Thomas Asmuth and Sara Gevurtz, Turbidity Paintings
  • ©, Thomas Asmuth and Sara Gevurtz, Turbidity Paintings


    Turbidity Paintings

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Artist Statement:

    In the project titled Turbidity Paintings, principal investigators Thomas Asmuth (UWF) and Sara Gevurtz (VCU) are artists who propose a methodology for visualization of water quality which integrates image capture and data metrics into one data-object (time specific images encoded with data metrics). The project leverages wide availability of free/libre open source software (FLOSS) and low costs of open source hardware (OSH) that has critically impacted and supported the citizen science movement. The combined data-objects will be used to construct a baseline data library from a variety of domestic and international locations. Turbidity Paintings explores and challenges the divide between the arts and the sciences and directly questions the role of the artist when dealing with science and scientific data. The iterative process and procedure are nearly indistinguishable in art and science. The role of the artist and the art in this project is to create an experimental model which leads to new dialogues on water quality.




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